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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh la la! Chocolate eclairs

There's always a dish that intimidates a cook, regardless of how seasoned they are in the kitchen. For me, I fear pork loins, homemade bread and certain pastries, particularly eclairs.

Eclairs are the epitome of a pastry: puffy dough, creamy filing and a decadent chocolate glaze to finish it off. I see them in the bakery and marvel at how pretty, and surely complicated they are to make .... Wrong!!!

The magic behind this classic dessert starts in the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Any witch, wizard or muggle can whip this sweet delight up in less than an hour. And even more amazing? The dough, pate choux, is the same to make cream puffs and profiteroles! So master this dessert and really you've learned three :)

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