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Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Cafe, Astoria, NY

After a much needed hiatus from NYC, I've returned to the city refreshed... well for the most part. Coming back from a leisurely vacation can sometimes cause even more stress when you return from you destination. However, I found a delightful little cafe in Astoria to cause the hustle and bustle of NYC to slow down a bit, and ease me back into the grind.

The Time Cafe on Broadway and 45th Street is a nice little retreat for a glass of wine and a bite to eat. It's stocked full of bookshelves to browse and borrow from, comfy lounging areas and modern jazz softly playing in the background. I went by self on a random day and hour, and was pleasantly surprised to actually see people there. I pulled up a chair at one of the cafe tables outside to soak up the sun and enjoy the passerby's.

I ordered the Meat and Cheese platter. It came with a serving of Brie, Manchego and Gouda cheeses, some salamis, Mediterranean olives and toasted pita bread. It was a tasty, non-fussy afternoon snack, which I paired with the house Pinot Grigio. The waiter graciously allowed me to occupy my table for a full 3 hrs, so I was able to leisurely nibble and sip my din. Granted, I don't think it would have been the same attitude had it been at the height of brunch hour, but I appreciated it nevertheless. So, thanks Time Cafe for helping me gently slip back into my New York state of mind.

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